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If you loved the first part of the “tap Titans” series, you’ll love Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk. This time the battle is on the ground and the stakes are high. The race has once again turned into a battle between good and evil. The first game ended with a satisfyingly large climax, the second start it off in a similarly dramatic way. Here is a look at some of the more interesting features of the sequel, including its story, 3D graphics, and gameplay.

Gameplay and Story

The turn-based gameplay creates a sense of urgency as players wait for the cards that are being placed on the field to be made into usable cards. The story of tap titans 2 is set during an ancient war between two empires. As war breaks out across the known world, the titans wage a never-ending struggle against their mutual enemies.

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In one battle, their arch enemy makes an unexpected appearance and begins a decisive battle of destruction. The battle rages on until the player’s hero is trapped in a generator room where a battle of attrition takes place. The player is then forced to fight his way out using only weapons and abilities that can be bought and sold throughout the game.

Players and Characters

As in the first game, players need to collect a certain amount of mana crystals before they can battle. Once enough crystals are collected, the player will summon an epic character, the strongest warrior available, who is skilled at combating elemental weaknesses and using devastating attacks.

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These characters can be customized by adding skills to the character like increasing defense or providing extra damage absorption. Some skills, like a barrage of acid rain, can damage and burn opponents and even stun them if the opponent is hit with more than one splash of acid rain at the same time.


If you thought the first game of the original Tap Titans series was the arcade version, then you were mistaken. This game requires the player to think strategically rather than just brawn and brute force. You will need to accumulate skill points through the use of skill trees to strengthen your character and acquire new weapons.

A skill tree can contain only basic skills, but as you acquire more skills and gain more level through advancing to higher platforms in the Silent March skill tree, you can exchange some of your basic skills for ones that can be improved or used in new battles.


Unlike the first game, the second feature is that you do not fight solely against titans. Instead, there are also many characters to control and defeat the bosses of the stages. The bosses are tougher than the titans but are also more technologically advanced than the titans.

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The bosses fight using a variety of weapons, although there are only two types of weapons in the stages – machines that are shaped like weapons, and eggs that explode and latch on to you. The eggs will break when enough damage is inflicted on them, and when they are broken a number of smaller eggs will fly out and attempt to fly towards you as well.


In some cases, the items provided can lead to other more complicated gameplay, where the players need to collect artifacts to form chains of artifacts that unlock special areas of the map, or where new artifacts need to be collected to transform the character into an entirely different class. Fortunately, it is possible to replay previous stages if you want to go back and try again, and this can make the game more exciting and rewarding to play.

Additional Features

The game features several different play styles, including the more traditional side-scrolling platformer and some variation on mobile gaming where you tap the screen to move. Each playstyle features its own set of artifacts that can help you build up your strength.

The game features both hidden and overt levels, with each one offering a wide variety of different items that are required to advance further into the game. It is possible to avoid going to certain areas of the stages by simply using an item that will make you skip to an area where you won’t have to fight anything.

Some stages do have items that are required for progression, but they are hidden and only revealed after you’ve made it to the final resting place of an enemy.

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The exciting part of playing Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk lies in the endless array of combinations that players can apply to previously drawn cards. The cards, which are drawn through strategic placement of gems that drop from enemies and other players, are not only used to attack and defend the game, but also to give players extra turns or abilities during battle.

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