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How to install Roblox Mod Menu v2.471.420051 Download for Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Roblox Mod Menu v2.471.420051 Download for Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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roblox mod menu

Roblox Mod Menu is a modified version of the game. It contains some extraordinary features like night mode, walking through the walls, high jumps, and many more. Imagine a world where you can be whatever you want. Roblox Mod Menu provides you a world where you can be whatever you want. If that is not what you want, you can also sit back and enjoy chatting with your friends.

The number of outfits and many more things allow you to choose whatever you like. But, some users desire something new. So here is a solution for these users too. You can make your own world if you want something new if you are that creative. If not, then you can enjoy innumerable worlds created
by other users and play the game.

RequiresAndroid 4.4 Or Up
UpdatedMarch 31, 2021


Roblox Mod Menu comes with special features which give your character superpowers that can be turned on and off. These superpowers make your character go ahead to the other players in the game. Its features are :

Super Jumping

This feature allows high jumping. You can jump even higher than the buildings and it is easy to get
rid of cops with this feature as police vehicles can’t jump that higher.

Multiple Jumps

Using this feature, you can jump high in the air and can walk in the air. If you wish to come back to
the ground, you can turn off this feature.


By simply tapping the fly button in Roblox Mod Menu, you can fly in the air like a hawk and get
ahead of your friends.

Walk Through the Walls

High walls and closed doors are no more going to be hurdles for you as the Roblox Mod Menu has a
feature by which you can walk through the walls. If you are stuck in prison or behind closed
doors, you can turn this feature on and get out of this situation with ease.

X-ray Vision

Have you ever thought of seeing through everything? Well, here is a superpower that will allow you
to have x-ray vision. You can see through everything. Even ground will seem invisible to you but be
careful of taking it too far as you may fall off the edges.

Night Mode

If you prefer night mode and if you can play better at night, then you can turn night mode on. Night
mode turns the sky dark and everything around you imitates in order to let you see in the dark. You
can turn off this feature to bring back the normal mode.

Explosive Mode

This feature will make your character toss like a bean bag as if there has been an explosion.

Frozen Screen

This feature freezes the screen around your character so that you can see everything from one point. The camera stops moving and the screen freezes at one angle. Some other characters might also
freeze by this feature.

Coloured Map

This feature will brighten everything in the surrounding in the game.

Final Words

Roblox Mod Menu apk is secure and safe to use. It reduces any possibility of banning your account
and thus keeps it safe. You can experience many features using Roblox Mod Menu while using any
game you are playing on Roblox

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