Which Fitness Tracking App Is the Best for You?

There are so many fitness tracking apps available on the market today that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. If you’re looking to achieve your goals faster, or even if you’re just curious about seeing your personal metrics, choosing the right app can make all the difference in your success. Here are some of the best fitness tracking apps out there, including MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and Runtastic.



The weight-loss app that lets you track everything you eat and drink. MyFitnessPal uses a database of 6 million foods to help you stay on top of your caloric intake. Your goal is to track 3,500 calories per day—it’s not that much when you think about it. Even if it’s just a granola bar (230 calories) in your purse or a snack at work (150 calories), those little things add up over time! So grab your phone and get started tracking meals today. Not only will you know exactly what’s going into your body, but you can also see how much exercise it takes to burn off those calories! Go get ‘em, tiger.



This app is designed to help you track your distance, speed, pace, and other key performance metrics that can provide data over time to enable you to better understand what works best for your body type. It also has a social media component that can allow you to connect with friends, family, or colleagues and work out in groups. Its user interface is clean and simple with plenty of options on how your workout stats are displayed. The free version comes with ads. Runkeeper is available for iOS and Android devices.



With a user-friendly interface, Runtastic records your running and walking distance, calories burned, active time and more. For each workout you complete, you’ll receive detailed statistics about your run or walk (including duration, distance, average speed, and the number of calories burned). The app also provides a complete overview of your fitness activity through weekly exercise summaries. Whether you’re looking to shed some weight, stay fit or prepare for an upcoming marathon, Runtastic has what it takes to get results—which is why it tops our list of favorite apps for tracking physical activity. And if you need help getting started, read our guide on how to start working out without going broke.

Fitness Buddy

This app is an all-in-one health & fitness app that tracks your diet, calories burned, and daily activities. It also works with wearable devices like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal app. Android users can get it on the Google Play store. iOS users will get it on the iTunes app store in April 2014. This is one of my favorite apps that I use every day as a virtual fitness trainer to help me achieve my goals. No need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to use Fitness Buddy. If you want to lose weight then set some goals in My Fitness Buddy and get started today! The best part is you don’t need any equipment, just you and your body weight.

Map My Run

Map My Run

This is a great app to use if you’re new to working out or haven’t been tracking your exercise recently. This app lets you choose between jogging, walking, hiking, and bicycling. It allows you to map routes using Google Maps and works in combination with your device’s GPS. It also keeps track of your pace, distance traveled and calories burned. If you prefer social networking as part of your fitness routine, Map My Run will let you share workouts on Facebook. Once logged into Facebook, it even compares what you did that day against your friends who also use Map My Run.

30 Day Fitness at Home

30 Day Fitness

The problem with most at-home fitness apps is that they require you to buy some kind of equipment, whether it’s a medicine ball or resistance bands. If you don’t have access to a full gym membership, or if you simply prefer working out in your own home, 30 Day Fitness at Home has developed an Android app that can help guide you through some basic exercises without any additional purchases. Just follow along with one of their 30-day plans and work hard. Your body will thank you for it.

Home Workout – No Equipments App

Home Workout - No Equipment

If you don’t want to pay money on expensive gym and fitness equipment, simply buy a few exercise accessories such as jump rope, a lightweight set, adjustable dumbbells, and a stability ball. Do easy workouts at home like lunges, squats, and crunches which can help you tone your legs, thighs, abs, and arms. Set a time limit when working out – it will help you concentrate on the work at hand. Remember that diet also has a great impact on body shape so eating healthy food is equally important. Be consistent in your routine (30 days). Don’t forget to reward yourself with fun activities once in a while. Exercise in fresh air and sunlight – helps boost energy level and mood.

My Opinion

For me my choice of the best fitness tracking app is Runtastic because 1) It allows easy switching between steps, calories burned, distance covered and active minutes throughout the day via widgets; 2) It keeps the history of your workout so that you can compare one session to another by day, week or month; 3) There are options available of voice coach that tells exactly how many more steps are required in order to meet a daily goal.


Overwhelmed by your options and aren’t sure which fitness tracking app is best for you? It’s understandable. Each of these apps offers unique features, so before you make a decision, it’s important to take a step back and determine what’s most important to you in an app like this. If long-term success is on your list, look for tools that provide more than just daily activity data; rather focus on progress reports, goal setting, and community support.

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