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When you download huge amounts of files, data or install too many apps either from the play store or third-party app downloading platform, your smartphone starts hanging and eventually becomes slows down. It takes time to open apps or often get stuck, which is very irritating.
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20 November 2021
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Avg cleaner pro is a cache and junk file cleaning application. It will optimize your android smartphone very efficiently and smartly. It will boost the RAM of your device by cleaning the unwanted and junk files. You have often noticed that when you buy a brand new android smartphone, it works buttery smooth. But after some time, it becomes drastically slow.

When you download vast amounts of files, data or install too many apps either from the play store or third-party app downloading platform, your smartphone starts hanging and eventually becomes slows down. It takes time to open apps or often get stuck, which is very irritating.

Have you ever wondered why it happens?

It is because your phone starts creating junk files such as cache files, duplicate files, or cache data of your apps, which affects the performance of your smartphone to an enormous extent.

avg cleaner pro apk

Here comes the point, how to remove these cache and junk files that are retarding your smartphone’s performance.  It is a very time-consuming and challenging process to remove junk files manually from your phone.

It would be best if you had a legitimate and efficient software tool for this task. There are many applications available online which offer this service. But it is hard to find the perfect one which is efficient and has multiple features.

Don’t worry. We have found the AVG cleaner pro app for you after thoroughly researching and practically analyzing it. It is just perfect for this task.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro apk?

When you extensively use your smartphone, it creates junk files such as cache files of your app’s usage history or other media files. This cache junk takes lots of storage space and consumes more power, thus making your smartphone slow.

These junk files need to be removed smartly to optimize your device. AVG Cleaner Pro apk is the one that does this job very efficiently and smartly.

What does it do?

Avg cleaner pro apk scans and rescans all the files in your device. It analyzes photos, apps, and other media files. After checking, it comes up with the junk files taking up too much space and consuming extra power. It gives you the option to clean the junk files. It is up to you which files you want to clean and which files you retain. Providing you with the one-tap cleaning option. In this way, it makes your android device lightning-fast and optimized.

Amazing Features

AVG cleaner apk has magnificent and levitating features, which make it the best junk cleaning app. Pick your favorite part among the following which resonate with your utmost need.

Let’s dig more into features one by one.

Friendly Interface

It has an easy-to-use interface that provides all the main functions on one screen. Just scan all your data with one tap. Check your junk files app information and device information.

App manager and analyzer

avg cleaner pro

The AI-based feature of AVG Cleaner analyzes all the apps installed on your device. It recognizes the apps which consume more power and occupy more ram space which eventually becomes the cause of battery drain, and CPU performance slows down.

Images cleaner

avg cleaner pro

It smartly examines all the photos in your library, which contain duplicates and blurry photos. It optimizes your device by cleaning the junk images.

Battery life enhancer

avg cleaner pro extend battery life

It has the fantastic feature of hibernating and freezing the least used and pre-installed apps, which ultimately reduces the extensive battery usage.

You can also select the battery usage mode among different options regarding your “workplace,” “home,” “driving,” and other user profiles. It gives you the opportunity of auto battery optimization, which reduces and enhances the performance automatically.

All information at one Place

It provides all the information about your device at one tap. It gives you the option to check any specification instantly. You can either check the battery usage, ram performance, and storage status.

Smart File Manager

It is one of the most helpful features. It provides you with the spot media files, documents, and apps data. You can scan and then remove any file while without opening the file manager separately.

Instructions To Install The AVG Cleaner Pro APK

  1. Please tap on the download button below. It will start downloading the apk file.
  2. Uninstall any junk and cache cleaning applications if you have installed them before. Otherwise, this application may not work as it should be.
  3. Now go to download files, install the avg cleaner pro apk.
  4. If it doesn’t download, go to settings, then change the app downloading permission to unknown resources. It will fix the issue.
  5. When the application is installed, enjoy without any ads and in-app purchases.

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